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This is the time to really connect with potential donors. Help people understand that there is a legitimate problem out there that needs the community’s support. Give examples of problems that the world or your community faces that you’re actively pushing to solve. Paint a picture for your audience.  Let people know what you are currently doing. Help people visualize your non-profit’s mission. Are you fighting world hunger? Are you raising money to help rescue animals across the world? People want to know! With a great purpose, you can get almost anyone to support your cause.

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Now that you have their attention, show them that you have a plan you’re putting into action. Where is their money going to? How is there monthly donation going to make a difference in the world? Explain to people what you could do if you had the funding needed to put your future plans into action. Don’t be afraid to think big. If you had all of the funding in the world, if money wasn’t an issue, what would your organization do with that money. Inspire people! Give them hope that with their support, you can make this amazing dream happen. It’s time to dream big.

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You may not have the time to volunteer, but you can still help make a difference. Donate monthly to this non-profit and become a bigger part in a mission that’s making the world a better place.

Making A Difference, One Life At A Time